‘Deeper in Debt’ now online | Plus Emma Dawson on Insight, Eva Cox on Difference of Opinion

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As US suburbs fill with "For Sale" signs, and major lenders queue up for central
bank bailouts across the globe, the obvious question is "could it happen here?"

In a new
for the Centre for Policy Development, UWS economist and CPD fellow Dr
Steve Keen argues that while the level of irresponsible lending is lower here
than in the US, Australia’s
debt addiction makes us just as vulnerable.

> Download
the report: ‘Deeper
in Debt: Australia’s addiction to borrowed money
‘ (for source data and a summary of the main points click here)

Coming up:

CPD fellow Emma Dawson will be a guest on ‘Culture Test’, a special
broadcast of Insight on SBS TV,
7:30pm tonight (Tuesday 18 September).

CPD fellow Eva Cox will be a guest on the ABC’s ‘Difference
of Opinion
‘, debating the question ‘What should the Australian government
do with its massive government surplus?’, 9:25pm Thursday 20 September.

…and we’ll shortly be releasing a discussion paper by CPD fellow Fred Argy on the "fiscal straightjacket" that keeps the policy arms of the Coalition
and ALP firmly pinned to their sides…

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