International Metropolis conference workshop: Multiculturalism vs plural monoculturalism


CPD Director Miriam Lyons and fellow Emma Dawson will join international researchers Mahama Tawat, Monima Chadha, Theresa W Devasahayam and Soh Tze Min to present a workshop titled Narratives of Inclusion: Multiculturalism versus Plural Monoculturalism in Liberal Democracies at the 12th International Metropolis Conference hosted by Monash University from October 8-12 in Melbourne.

The conference is an annual gathering of experts in migration and diversity under the auspices of the International Metropolis Project. The focus this year is on Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion. The CPD session will present comparative studies of national policy approaches to multiculturalism in Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore and New Zealand.

You can read more about the conference speakers and program here, or register online through the Monash University site.

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