Miriam Lyons presents Oikonomia at the Queensland Economics Teachers Conference


Recent events have shifted the centre of public debate on core areas of economic policy: Keynesianism is fashionable again and financial regulation is back in vogue. In the lifetime of today’s highschool students new research and external events are likely to change our economic thinking even further. Full-cost economics will foster a new breed of closed-loop production, and the incorporation of neuroscience and psychology into our model of ‘economic man’ could give rise to a new kind of policy-making. How can we prepare today’s economics students to thrive in a world which is shifting its focus from chrematistics to oikonomia?

Centre for Policy Executive Director Miriam Lyons will reflect on the shifiting economic terrain with her presentation ‘Oikonomia: economics in the 21st century’ at the Queensland Economics Teachers Conference on Saturday, March 7th 2009.

The Conference is hosted by the Queensland Economics Teachers Association, a body of teachers and other educators throughout Queensland who are committed to promoting Economics and Business Education in schools.

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