‘Crunchtime’: Bringing together the best policy minds to discuss Australia’s future


First Australian progressive think tank conference

Policy thinkers from across Australia came together for ‘Crunchtime‘ – Australia’s first progressive think-tank conference.

Speakers included CPD fellows Steve Keen, David McKnight and Mark Davis.

The event coincided with the half way point of federal Labor’s term, and is one year on from the 2020 Ideas Summit.  It will provide an opportunity to consider the impact of the global financial crisis and to discuss the values that should drive future policy.

Crunchtime: April 22 – April 23, 2009. Trades Hall, Sydney

Mark Davis’s questions on the future of progressive politics after Crunchtime

CPD proudly co-convened ‘Crunchtime’ with Catalyst Australia, The Australia Institute, Per Capita, the SEARCH Foundation and the Evatt Foundation.

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