Bored? Uninspired? Depressed? This book may help you survive the election campaign


For those feeling uninspired, unimpressed and downright disappointed in the election campaign, have we got a book for you… featuring some fresh ideas about health policy, amongst other things. Jennifer Doggett, a CPD Fellow, writes in Croakey, Crikey’s health blog:

Anyone frustrated by the lack of debate on health policy in the election campaign might be interested a new ebook from the Centre for Policy Development called More than Luck: ideas Australia needs now, released yesterday.

In the health chapter of this book, I’ve pulled together some fresh and innovative solutions to perennial problems in health policy and suggested some strategies for addressing gaps in the current reform agenda.

For example, in relation to the private health insurance rebate I’ve suggested that the current subsidy could be re-directed to give all low and middle income earners an annual $600 ‘health rebate’ to spend on health care of their choice.

Read more of Jennifer’s post here.

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