Despite lots of policy changes, Barbara Pocock believes that the life balance is still not working


Barbara Pocock – CPD author – was interviewed by Rachel Browne for The Age. In the article she argues that many Australian households, especially those that have working parents doing long hours, are under a lot of pressure.

Published in The Age on August 1 2010.

Life balance still not working

ALMOST 10 years after then prime minister John Howard delivered his ”barbecue stopper” line about the challenge of balancing work and family life, little has changed for most people.

Improvements to parental leave, flexible working hours, telecommuting and job sharing have had little effect on the nation’s workplace culture.

In fact, Australians are increasingly dissatisfied with their job conditions, and many are risking their health by spending too many hours at work, the fourth Australian Work and Life Index study says.

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