Miriam Lyons: on the eve of the election talks about the future of Australian politics


On the eve of the Election, CPD’s Miriam Lyons joins some other 20- and 30-somethings to discuss how we tackle the big issues now that will affect their lives in the coming decades.

They’re looking beyond the Tony and Julia show and the cliffhanger election on the Life Matters Friday Talkback to discuss the big picture, the future of Australia. As we’ve been saying at CPD, people are craving some vision.

Guests joining Miriam include Will Rathall, a Mental health support worker with Anglicare; Will Emmett from Left/Right Think Tank; and Catriona Menzies Pike from Vibewire.

Find out what matters to them, what they think are the big issues that we should be talking about — issues that will affect everyone’s future?

Listen to the podcast.

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