What next for Labor: Progressive Ideas? | Politics in the Pub, Sydney


Join CPD Director, Miriam Lyons and CPD Fellow, Ben Eltham to chew over the opportunities that the ALP government have grabbed and missed. And as we head to the polls, consider what might be in store for us if they get another term in office, and how we can get long term, progressive ideas back on the agenda.

If you have been uninspired and bored of the ‘politics as usual’ approach that has characterised this election campaign- lots of politics, lots of attention lavished on swing voters, and not so much in the way of rigorous policy discussion – then come along for a refreshing and more rigorous discussion of the big policy ideas.

Friday 13 August, 6pm – 8pm

Gaelic Club – Upstairs
64 Devonshire St
Surry Hills, Australia

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