Ben Eltham & Marcus Westbury: The change Australia’s cultural policy needs


CPD Fellows Ben Eltham and Marcus Westbury continue to challenge dominant ideas about arts and cultural policy in Australia. They offer their own ideas about what is needed to transform outdated arts policy, and the disparate strands of policy impacting on other cultural areas, into a vibrant, co-ordinated, and modern cultural policy.

“Society is becoming more culturally diverse. Immigration, demographic change and new technologies and communications media have transformed the spectrum of cultural choices available. The large-scale infrastructure and mass subscription model that underpins the logic of many funded arts organisations is poorly equipped to respond to the plethora of new artists, art forms, audiences, genres and sub-cultures emerging in a rapidly changing cultural dynamic.”

The ideas Ben and Marcus raise have triggered much public debate in Australia about the current way arts and broader cultural policy functions, and the future for this vital component of Australian society.

The full article is available from On Line Opinion here. The article itself is based on the chapter ‘Cultural Policy in Australia’, from CPD’s book More Than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now, which can be ordered here.

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