Some Searing critique of the health system from John Menadue | Melissa Sweet


CPD founder, John Menadue gives a very critical perspective on the realities of the health system for Australians in rural areas. An emphasis on primary care is vital, he maintains, as it is the most effective form of treatment for the vast majority of the population. John also highlights the inadequacies of the current health workforce which is still stuck in 19th century practices.

In order to address the “systemic problems in our health sector” we must spend existing money far more effectively instead of wasting a massive 10% of our total health expenditure.

“We are bedevilled by powerful special interests”, John stated at the recent Rural Health Conference and notes that a lack of guiding principles in health policy is allowing special interest groups and lobbyists to shift public discourse and funding away from the country where it is most sorely needed.

Read John Menadue’s solution to the problem in Crikey here

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