The Blue Economy: 10 Years, 100 Innovations, 100 Million Jobs – Dr Gunter Pauli June 9th


CPD and Sydney Ideas co-present Dr Gunter Pauli at the law school foyer Sydney Uni.  June 9th from 6pm to 7.30pm -this is a free event and open to all, entry will be on a first come first served basis.

Come and hear this inspiring entrepreneur explain his mission to invest in 100 sustainable businesses.

Gunter Pauli founded the Zero Emissions Research and Initiative (ZERI) at the United Nations University in Tokyo. He subsequently established The Global ZERI Network, redesigning production and consumption into clusters of industries inspired by natural systems, based on open source research and experimentation with a worldwide team of eminent scientists and design thinkers. The mission of The Blue Economy is to prove 100 manufacturing innovations with viable business models that could generate 100 million jobs in 10 years, all with zero waste impact on the environment. Each innovation is inspired by science and draw on biomimetics and the laws of physics. They cover the full gamut of industrial activity, from energy to mining to medicine to banking. Read more here

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