Adam Stebbing| A War on the Middle Class? Middle Class Welfare & the 2011–12 Budget


The 2011-12 Budget’s cuts to middle class welfare was lambasted by the Coalition as an attempt to “fan middle class welfare”, and lauded by the Treasurer as a ‘Labor Budget’ that would increase support for those who need it most, and curb the benefits received by the well off.

But, did the 2011–12 Budget really do more than close a few loopholes that skirt at the surface of the burgeoning system of middle class welfare?

Read Adam’s piece here on why root-and-branch reform of tax expenditures for super and housing are urgently needed for the Budget’s long-term fiscal sustainability and for public policy equity. Without this, the Budget was “a missed opportunity to significantly rein in wasteful and inequitable public spending”.

Originally published in Australian Review of Public Affairs.

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