Miriam Lyons | The Long Carbon Jouney: Q&A and Panel Discussion with PM Julia Gillard


Green Capital presents Prime Minister Julia Gillard making keynote address and Q&A on climate change policy in Australia. CPD’s executive director Miriam Lyons sits on the expert panel discussing  “What’s next for a sustainable future?”

How will business start to change if it costs more to pollute and there are market rewards for being clean? Who’ll deliver the investment, innovation and infrastructure to enable the transformation to a low-pollution, sustainable economy?  Can the political system sustain the effort over the decades?

Miriam Lyons  will be voicing  a strong message on the action needed from Australia’s policy makers, politicians, community visionaries  and business groups to craft a sustainable future.

The date for your diary:  8am, Monday 18 July  2011

Venue: Sheraton on the Park: Grand Ballroom 161 Elizabeth St on Hyde Park, Sydney

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