PUBLIC SERVICE IN THE NEWS | UK public funding travelling in and out of loopholes and US county to legalise Domestic Violence


Youth clubs’ rescue ‘vindicates Big Society idea’ > UK government cuts funding to youth community services,  after community outrage and hours of workers’ time and efforts to apply for funding, UK Conservative government now condescends to to fund youth community services through ‘Big Society

Public sector cuts: ‘I had to sack a third of my staff’ > What does it feel like to to have to make cuts of 30% in public services and tell hardworking colleagues they no longer have a job? Here, a senior manager tells of her experience.

Would a social enterprise by any other name smell as sweet? > The nascent social investment market must not allow itself be misappropriated by companies masquerading as social enterprises, says Andrew Hind. What if the social enterprise was a for-profit franchise of an international pizza chain focused on providing employment for the long-term unemployed? Would we feel as positive about that?

Tories ‘know value of nothing’ says Labour over charity cuts > A scathing critique has been delivered on a Tory council for “knowing the value of nothing” and putting David Cameron’s vision of the ‘Big Society’ in reverse. UK’s Wycombe Labour Party’s leader this week lambasted Conservatives at Wycombe District Council over cuts to charities in the area.

Editorial: $20-million contract must lead to leaner federal civil service > On first blush, the federal government’s hiring of auditor Deloitte Inc. for $20 million to help cut about $4 billion from $80 billion in annual program spending seems to defeat the purpose of the cost-saving exercise. By our count, there are nearly 6,000 staff auditors in the bureaucracy whose expertise could be called upon during this department-by-department strategic and operating review.

Topeka to Legalize Domestic Violence? > Victims of domestic violence are left without legal protection as public servants battle over funding and jurisdictional technicalities.


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