Gunter Pauli | The Blue Economy Podcast


CPD and Sydney Ideas co-hosted the return of Gunter Pauli to Sydney, for an update on The Blue Economy, a business model that develops socially responsible and sustainable enterprises by linking them with open-source scientific solutions. By presenting tested and proven cases, Pauli challenges us to not simply ‘do less bad’ by reducing emissions, but rather ‘do more good’ by encouraging true regeneration of ecosystems.

Listen to the podcast on Sydney Ideas here


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  1. The Blue Economy

    Blue Economy- European Edition” by Gunter Pauli is now available on


    The Blue Economy takes readers beyond the obious
    and aims to wake up the entrepreneur in all of us. The innovations it explores
    are founded in solid science and demonstrated by multiple platforms. Committed
    grass roots entrepreneurs worldwide can realize triple cash flow using
    open-source innovations that create competitive business models. This book will
    encourage thousands and perhaps millions of us to apply a Blue Economy busines
    model that will shift us from scarcity to abundance.


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