Caroline Hoisington | Media pick up on ‘Zoning SA Marine Parks’


CPD marine economy fellow puts “dollar value” on protected eco-services

Caroline’s CPD paper generated some excellent media coverage, particularly in South Australia.

With the state government set to finalise and release plans for the marine parks in a matter of weeks, the expectation is that a marine park system will be in place by the end of this year.  Government estimates put the consequent financial loss for commercial fisheries at $12.6 million a year however this is more than made up for by the $22.8 million per year at which Caroline’s CPD paper, Zoning South Australia’s Marine Parks valued the potential benefit of marine parks and sanctuary zones.  This economic boost will be accompanied by a wealth of ecological benefits, with its knock-on benefits for eco-tourism.

Economist and author of the new report, Caroline Hoisington, said marine plants and animals worked together in unique ecosystems that performed essential services.

“Ecosystem services are from natural processes such as seagrasses and kelp beds providing fish nurseries, natural pest and disease control and climate regulation in the form of carbon and heat storage in the ocean”.

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