NSW Fabian Society | What is the future for social democracy?


CPD Executive Director joins a panel of experts for the NSW Fabians…  

Australian social democracy is facing the electoral wilderness, its traditional institutional bases are in decline and there is increasing political fragmentation on the left of politics. Is there a way forward for Australian social democracy? Can social democracy overcome this current crisis and be renewed?

Panellists will discuss the meaning of social democracy and whether it continues to have a purpose.

  • Jennifer McAllister – ALP National President
  • Professor Frank Stilwell – Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, University of Sydney
  • Miriam Lyons – Executive Director, Centre for Policy Development

When: 6 for a 6:30pm start, Monday 27th May

Where: Level 7, Community and Public Sector Union. 191-199 Thomas Street, Haymarket

Sydney NSW 2000

Austrailan Fabian Society logoCost: Free, but please RSVP at the Fabian Society website

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