In The Conversation, Kulkarni and McLeod discuss the economic potential of liberalising ideas | 23 January 2015


I'Finding money' @designaart thumbnailn Prosperity or decline? Liberating ideas can reboot our economy Anand Kulkarni and Travers McLeod observe that Australia, in seeking to boost its economy, would be wise “to let ideas travel”. Liberating ideas and inculcating a collaborative culture would allow Australia to become a “global solutions hub”.

Some of the ideas explored in the piece, which appears in The Conversation, include:

  • The need to overcome the limiting effect of information siloes, with a call to establish a National Collaboration Authority;
  • Developing new metrics, namely considering the “knowledge footprint” outside the Ivory Tower;
  • The need for Australia to more assertively use its “soft power” to “enlarge the space for winning ideas”.

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