Travers McLeod on The Drum talks ISIS, superannuation and homeopathy | 12 March 2015


Trav - Drum 350-195Travers McLeod, CEO of The Centre for Policy Development, recently appeared on ABC’s The Drum, tackling a range of issues: from Australia’s response to ISIS, to the place of superannuation in Australia’s fiscal future, to whether homeopathy should be subsidised.

McLeod suggested that Australia’s response to ISIS needs more anthropologists and fewer military planners. Any effective approach to ISIS requires asking why people join, the engaging in the battle of ideas.

Meanwhile, McLeod suggested that raiding superannuation to pay for houses is a quick, unwise fix. He noted that superannuation is currently one of the only institutions in Australia functioning to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability.

Finally, he was asked whether homeopathy, in light of studies suggesting it has negligible medical benefit, should be subsidised. His answer: no. Instead, such funds should be spent on preventative health strategies and medical research and development.

The interview is still available on ABC iview.

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