Fiona Armstrong explores the relationship between climate mitigation and health in The Conversation | 29 June 2015


CPD fellow, Fiona Armstrong, has discussed the critical impact that climate mitigation will have upon public health in the 21st century in The Conversation

According to the 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate report, climate change is the greatest health opportunity of the 21st century. Armstrong has discussed how the reports claims that climate change responses can have direct impacts upon the burden of ill health, boost community reliance and lessen poverty and inequity.

Armstrong highlights that we “cannot afford to wait”. Climate change is becoming a greater threat worldwide, but particularly effects Australia through extreme weather conditions. The ongoing impacts on health are detrimental “Rising temperatures are leading to increases in deadly food borne illnesses, disruptions to food production and water security, and worsening air quality, increasing respiratory illness.”

Without change, Armstrong notes the report findings which states that “large-scale disruptions to the climate system could trigger a discontinuity in the long-term progression of humanity”. Looking to the forward it becomes clear that there needs to be movements toward low-carbon technologies, and renewable energies whilst phasing out coal. It raises important questions to how the Australia government will deal with these issues.


Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr, CC BY


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