CEO Travers McLeod calls for an integrated approach to foreign policy development


Our CEO Travers McLeod was invited to contribute a think-piece for the Australian Council for International Development’s October 2016 National Conference, entitled Australia Ahead of the Curve: An agenda for international development to 2025. ACFID asked key figures and thinkers in the aid, development and policy community to consider: What should Australia’s role be in assisting developing countries and responding to global development challenges to 2025 and beyond?

In his think-piece published in the ACFID Conference papers and online on the ACFID blog, Travers draws on the examples of forced migration and climate security to show why Australia must adopt a more integrated and inclusive approach to foreign policy development, beginning with our next White Paper. A broader set of inputs will enable Australia to be an influential and constructive regional power in an older, hotter, more volatile and more porous region. For this to happen, more non-government stakeholders and civil society organisations must engage the space where domestic and regional security, trade and human wellbeing are now inseparable.

The piece was been enriched by advice from CPD Policy Director, Rob Sturrock, and assistance from CPD Research Associate, Massimo Amerena.

Read it here.

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