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CPD internsCPD invites the very best, bold, bright and active thinkers to join our team

The Centre for Policy Development seeks to combat the short-termism of the political cycle by producing creative and far-sighted ideas for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable Australia. CPD interns get to work on some of Australia’s long-term challenges, debate the issues, create innovative responses to them and help to communicate the findings.

We cannot promise that you’ll never have to file or run to the post office, but if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get some real-world experience in your chosen field, CPD is a great place to start.

CPD has an extensive network of supporters, fellows, media contacts and corporate consultants and an internship at CPD provides great networking opportunities.


Our Current Interns

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Angie Sassano is a student from the Australian Catholic University. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, doing a double major in politics and history.

Earlier this year, her essay on race relations in America was published on the website e-Internationals Relations.









Thomas Lovelock is a student completing his Masters in Public Policy and Management at Melbourne University. He has previously completed a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University, majoring in Economics and Politics.





Massimo Amerena recently completed his Bachelor of Arts, Honours year at the University of Melbourne, majoring in International Relations. His interests are climate security, remote indigenous community youth work and indigenous policy and Treaty.








 Internship Application

Internships are available on a case-by-case basis depending on research project needs. As such, although applications are welcome at all times, not all applications will be successful.

Applications should be addressed to ‘Centre for Policy Development’ and sent via email to admin@cpd.org.au. The subject line must be ‘Internship Application for CPD’.

Please provide an attached CV. Further, the main body of the email must contain:

• 50 words or less commenting on a CPD research paper (all papers available here: http://cpd.org.au/category/publications/policy-papers/)

• 50 words or less outlining a policy issue that you are passionate about.

Applications that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. Please note that we are firm about applications adhering to the stated word limits.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.


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