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Adam Stebbing

Adam Stebbing is a contributing author in CPD’s recent publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Adam’s chapter jointly written with Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, Getting value for public money: housing, pensions and child care argues that our leaders need to adopt more direct funding more direct funding models to maximise the services delivered for each government dollar spent. Adam is a social researcher broadly interested in the interactions of public policy and social inequality. He is currently undertaking a PhD in the Sociology department at Macquarie University. His doctoral research looks at how social tax expenditures alter our understanding of the Australian welfare state, in terms of its political development and distributional outcomes. He has previously undertaken research exploring how homeless people experience citizenship in Australia.

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Reforming Australia’s hidden welfare state: Tax expenditures as welfare for the rich | OCCASIONAL PAPER

One of Australia’s least fair and least effective forms of public investment is still growing like topsy. In this paper for the Centre for Policy Development Dr Ben Spies-Butcher and Adam Stebbing uncover Australia’s hiddenmore