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Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone is the Research Director of CPD’s Public Service Research Program. His interests focus on the use of social science concepts and findings to improve the effectiveness of regulations and governance. Christopher has previously worked in university research centres focusing on environmental law and policy. He has worked with a range of state government departments, and a number of local governments, in previous projects. He has qualifications in law, psychology, and philosophy.

Posts by Christopher Stone

The Conversation | 3 July 2014

Getting more bang for public bucks: is the ‘efficiency dividend’ efficient? Research director of CPD’s Public Service Research Program Chris Stone recently contributed an article to The Conversation which questioned the effectiveness of the ‘efficiency dividend’ mechanism for promoting better value frommore

The Canberra Times | 1 July 2014

Excerpt from CPD’s False Economies report series… An extract from CPD’s recently compilation False economies: unpacking public service efficiency was published in the July ‘Public sector informant’ column of The Canberra Times. Columnist Markus Mannheim chose to highlight insights by CPD Public Service Researchmore