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The Conversation | 30 October 2014

Like eating fish? It’s time to start caring where it comes from. Carissa Klein, Postdoctoral research fellow in conservation biology at The University of Queensland, investigates sustainability in seafood, citing CPD’s recent study, Net advantage: securing our fisheries management. Themore

The Guardian | 2 September 2014

The Pacific Solution is reaching its endgame. Scott Morrison will soon run out of options. If you missed it last week, Richard Ackland, in The Guardian, was seeking new approaches on asylum seeker policy. He turned to turned to themore

CPD welcomes new Board Director Martin Stewart-Weeks

Public/private sector expert Martin Stewart-Weeks joins CPD Board. A strategic thinker, organisational consultant, facilitator and writer whose work explores the intersection of policy, government, technology and innovation. From 2001-13, Martin led the Asia-Pacific public sector team in the consulting andmore

Australian Options | No. 77, winter 2014

Australian Options Magazine: articles exploring social and environmental ethics in contemporary politics by CPD fellows   Ben Spies-Butcher: ‘Debt and discipline from cradle to grave’ It is hard (sic) to underestimate the scale of the transformation being attempted by this budget.more