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Fiona Armstrong is a contributing author to CPD’s recent publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Fiona’s chapter Shifting from fear to hope calls for a new national narrative to allow us to feel confident in our solutions to combat climate change. Fiona is a public policy analyst and advocate for comprehensive health reform and evidence-based climate policy. She is a co-author of the 2009 Centre for Policy Development Policy Paper Putting Health in Local Hands: Shifting Governance and Funding to Regional Health Organisations. She has a background as a health professional, in health policy, and as a journalist. She has been published on a wide range of issues including health, environment, energy, politics, finance, Indigenous affairs, mental health, aged care, education, workforce, law, and industrial relations. She has a Masters in Politics and Public Policy and has recently been researching climate policy options for Australia. She works with organisations on a range of health and climate policy issues.

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Your Local or mine?

Fiona Armstrong looks at the diverse meanings being given to the word ‘local’ in the current health debate, and explains the need for all health care services (not just hospitals) to be linked or integrated into regional health organisations.