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Ian McAuley is a contributing author to CPD’s recent publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Ian’s chapter Living off our resources looks at how we use our resources in an era where environmental capital is fast-becoming our scarcest resource of all. Ian lectures in Public Sector Finance at the University of Canberra. His research interests are in public policy, with a specialisation in health policy. His academic qualifications are in engineering and business management from Adelaide University and in public administration from Harvard University. Besides his academic work, he has assisted consumer and welfare organizations in financial and economic policy matters. He has been a strong advocate for integration of the components of health care into a coherent consumer-focussed system. He has been a critic of successive governments’ piece-meal approaches to health policy, particularly the government’s subsidies for private health insurance because they bring neither the benefits of market competition nor the benefits of strong government control. Ian is co-author of a number of papers for the Centre for Policy Development, including ‘Reclaiming our Common Wealth: policies for a fair and sustainable future‘, ‘A Health Policy for Australia: reclaiming universal care‘ and ‘You Can See a Lot By Just Looking: Understanding human judgment in financial decision-making‘.

Posts by Ian McAuley

Jennifer Doggett, Ian McAuley and John Menadue: No wonder we’re wasting money in health care – we got the incentives wrong

A recently-aired ABC Four Corners program aptly titled “Wasted” exposed three areas of unnecessary, ineffective and outright dangerous health interventions, in knee, spinal and heart surgery. The show’s host, Norman Swan, presumably extrapolating from the findings in those three areas,more

Inside Story | 12 July 2013

Do we need private health insurance? The most efficient and fairest option is a single national insurer. Ian McAuley, CPDfellow and Adjunct Lecturer in public sector finance at the University of Canberra, discusses the relevance of private health insurance and howmore

New Matilda | 12 June 2013

The three lies Labor should attack… In this excellent article, CPD fellow Ian McAuley identifies and unravels statistical conceits, and straightforward deceits underlying three major planks of the Coalition’s policy offering. The Liberal Party’s three main slogans – boats, debt,more