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Jennifer Doggett

Jennifer Doggett is a contributing author to CPD’s recent publication More Than Luck: Ideas Australia needs now. Jennifer’s chapter Getting health policy into shape argues for a sharper focus on addressing the issues which matter most to consumers: out-of-pocket expenses, co-payments, and unequal access to health-care providers. Jennifer is a health policy analyst and consultant who has worked in a number of different areas of the health system, including the federal health department and the community sector, and as a political advisor on health policy. She currently works with health provider, industry and consumer groups on a range of health issues. She has a Masters in Public Health and a Graduate Diploma in Health Economics. Jennifer is the author of ‘A New Approach to Primary Care for Australia‘, published by the Centre for Policy Development in June 2007 and ‘Out of Pocket: Rethinking Health Copayments’ published by CPD in 2009.

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