Democratic renewal

The best-designed policy in the world is meaningless without a healthy democracy. Democracy is not simply a checklist of institutions such as regular elections or an independent judiciary. Rather than a final destination, democracy should be seen as the task of continually expanding the power of citizens to influence the decisions that affect their lives. The Centre for Policy Development’s Democratic Renewal program looks at how Australia can approach that task in new and innovative ways.

Re-engaging communities

John Menadue states,’there is ample evidence that we want to participate if we feel that our views are valued and will be reasonably acted upon. Polls show that whilst we are disillusioned with politicians we still want to be partmore

A better future: Options for reform

Reform principles In Australia, the State level of government is particularly responsive to differences in the circumstances and preferences of, say, North Queensland versus Tasmanian families. On the other hand, the Federal Government’s role is to ensure that both aremore