Our common wealth

Behind the day to day tussles over specific reform agendas, there is always a deeper and more fundamental struggle, where every debate about solutions to long-term unemployment is also a debate about human nature; every debate about poverty alleviation is also a debate about what constitutes an acceptable level of inequality; and every debate about the level of social spending is also a debate about whether there is such a thing as society, and, if so, what a good one would look like. The discussion paper, Reclaiming our Common Wealth makes a case for reconnecting public policies to shared values and openly stated principles. Future papers and articles will present brief, accessible summaries of the principles neglected in current government policies, and explain their implications for policy makers.

Draft version of The Common Wealth

Introduction to ‘The Common Wealth’ v.1 In our policy development work, we were reminded many times that so many policy proposals are ad hoc and inconsistent. They were not underpinned by agreed values. Because of those reminders by our readers,more