Efficiency Dividend

Efficient: “performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort”.

In the False Economies series, CPD’s public service Research Director Christopher Stone contends that if we don’t want services to run down, we need to consider results as well as resources when measuring success. Arguments for reform often revolve around the presumption that the private sector is necessarily more efficient and effective than the public. Is this always true?

The Canberra Times | 3 June 2013

Christopher Stone on Australia’s ‘escape’ from the global financial crisis Drawing on his Doing less with less research, CPD research director Christopher Stone discusses what contributed to Australia’s avoiding recession during the global financial crisis. He outlines the importance of the fiscal stimulusmore

The Canberra Times | 28 May

Front page of The Canberra Times! Public cuts can ‘create waste’ Doing less with less receives strong coverage CPD’s new report by research director Christopher Stone, Doing less with less, second instalment to False economies, has been covered by Ross Peake, senior reporter ofmore

Secure Jobs in a Green Future conference |

 Public service research director addresses employment issues National Conference 2013 Secure Jobs in a Green Future AUSTRALIAN LEFT RENEWAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND APRIL 6-7, 2013, UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY BUILDING A STRONGER LEFT | UNITING TO FIGHT THE ABBOTT COALITION |more