While our health care services are not in terminal decline, they are suffering from some chronic illnesses. Yet successive governments have examined our health care policies and done little more than slap on some sticking-plaster and send the more demanding patients away with a jellybean.

The CPD’s work tackles the inefficiency, inequity and needless complexity of our health system. We provide a platform for experts, stakeholders and citizens to share information and develop ideas to resuscitate Australia’s ailing health policies.

Ideas for a health policy

Ian McAuley looks at how a value-based system can resolve public and private divisions in Australia’s health system. He describes the confusion and the grab bag of health proposals that we saw at the last election and outlines the importancemore

A better future: Options for reform

Reform principles In Australia, the State level of government is particularly responsive to differences in the circumstances and preferences of, say, North Queensland versus Tasmanian families. On the other hand, the Federal Government’s role is to ensure that both aremore