While our health care services are not in terminal decline, they are suffering from some chronic illnesses. Yet successive governments have examined our health care policies and done little more than slap on some sticking-plaster and send the more demanding patients away with a jellybean.

The CPD’s work tackles the inefficiency, inequity and needless complexity of our health system. We provide a platform for experts, stakeholders and citizens to share information and develop ideas to resuscitate Australia’s ailing health policies.

Your Local or mine?

Fiona Armstrong looks at the diverse meanings being given to the word ‘local’ in the current health debate, and explains the need for all health care services (not just hospitals) to be linked or integrated into regional health organisations.

12th Annual Health Congress

Venue: Sydney Harbour Marriot, Circular Quay With the Federal Government setting its agenda for health policy reform, Australia is embarking on one of the most significant healthcare reforms yet. Over the three days of this Congress, keydecision makers including CPDmore