Australia’s Public Sector

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James Whelan | Public Sector Myths Dispelled

CPD’s public service program director James Whelan talks with Business Spectator about our recent State of the Australian Public Service Alternative Report. Public sector cutbacks are an easy political gain, until the services they provided disappear. What lies behind themore

Public sector cuts will hurt in times of crisis

Premier Barry O’Farrell communicated his intentions before the state election: we could expect to see fewer ‘‘back room bureaucrats’’ but rest assured that this wouldn’t mean fewer public servants to deliver ‘‘frontline’’ services like health, education and policing. In developingmore

James Whelan | The Drum

We often hear about ‘trimming the fat’ in the public service but is there enough thought behind this popular phrase? CPD public service program research director Dr. James Whelan joined panellists Tim Wilson, Andrew Clennell and Scott Stephens on ABC’smore