Marine sector

The Conversation | 30 October 2014

Like eating fish? It’s time to start caring where it comes from. Carissa Klein, Postdoctoral research fellow in conservation biology at The University of Queensland, investigates sustainability in seafood, citing CPD’s recent study, Net advantage: securing our fisheries management. Themore

Sunshine Coast Daily | 26 November 2013

Economist: Keep NSW marine parks for at least 15 years Coastal coverage for CPD’s Marine protection dividend paper According to the newsdesk covering over ten local papers on the NSW and Queensland coasts, CPD fellow Caroline Hoisington wrote that marine parks inmore

NineMSN | 26 November 2013

Marine protection dividend paper on NineMSN CPD Marine economy fellow Caroline Hoisington’s paper found that 15 years is a minimum period to assess the impact of marine parks, and that the reserves also deliver clear social & economic benefits to theirmore