‘Pushing our luck: ideas for Australian progress’


Chris Bonnor & Jane Caro – ‘Getting past Gonski: every child deserves a good school’
Ian McAuley – ‘Life after luck: building a more resilient economy’
Geoff Gallop – ‘The vision thing: we need a national plan’
Eva Cox – ‘Putting society first: welfare for wellbeing’
John Wiseman – ‘Climate change: reconnecting politics with reality’
Roy Green – ‘After the boom: where will growth come from?’
Lindy Edwards – ‘Welcome home: preventing the next culture war’
Lisa Heap – ‘Taking the high road: a future that works for workers’
Shaun Wilson, Adam Stebbing, Adrian March and Miriam Lyons – ‘Chipping in: paying for a good society’
Jennifer Doggett – ‘Getting better: Prescriptions for an ailing health system’

The Guardian | 31 July 2014

Grogonomics: Business leaders should stop whingeing about Australia’s competitiveness. Greg Jericho, The Guardian‘s economics columnist, argues that instead of putting the onus on the government business should look at how it can improve capital productivity. The article cites ‘After the boom:more

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612 ABC Brisbane | 17 September 2013

The ten big issues that are shaping our country. Executive director Miriam Lyons discussed Pushing our luck on Mornings with Steve Austin and the need for Australians to keep up public debate after the election. Without looking far enough into the future Australian strategiesmore

Avid Reader | 17 September 2013

Pushing our luck panel discussion Avid Reader will be holding a panel discussion for Pushing our luck with Jesse Richardson (of  dontbeaf***ingidiot.com fame), Dr Mark Bahnisch, Professor John Quiggin and Pushing Our Luck editor and CPD executive director Miriam Lyons. Attend this free eventmore

The Guardian Australia | 12 August 2013

Grogonomics: ‘Australia is changing – where will future productivity growth come from?’ Greg Jericho’s article in The Guardian Australia focuses on Prof Roy Green’s chapter in CPD’s forthcoming book for election 2013 Pushing our luck. Roy’s chapter in turn looks closely at the real meaningmore