Energy sector

CCTV America | 13 November 2014

Travers McLeod interviewed by CCTV America In the lead up to the weekend’s G20 Leaders’ Summit, Travers McLeod spoke to China Central Television America about Australia’s role in combating global climate change. “The reality is that Australia has been leap-froggedmore

BBC News | 5 February 2014

‘Is Australia falling out of love with solar power?’ Australia has the world’s largest number of homes with solar panels, but take-up is now falling after cuts to how much people get paid for their excess electricity, as the BBC’smore

ABC Local Radio | 20 December 2013

Air conditioners raising electricity prices Electricity prices have been on the rise for all consumers. The blame is often placed on solar users but a large increase in costs is due to air conditioner use. Laura Eadie, CPD’s sustainable economymore