Refugee policy

The Wire | 19 November 2014

Centre for Policy Development CEO, Travers McLeod, joins Shannon Kilgariff on The Wire to discuss the government’s recent decision to deny refugees who have applied for UNHCR status in Indonesia resettlement in Australia after 1 July 2014. Travers told Themore

The Guardian | 2 September 2014

The Pacific Solution is reaching its endgame. Scott Morrison will soon run out of options. If you missed it last week, Richard Ackland, in The Guardian, was seeking new approaches on asylum seeker policy. He turned to turned to themore

The Canberra Times | 22 July 2014

Time to change our perception of asylum seekers Opinion editorial by Travers McLeod, Bob Douglas & Jane McAdam, following the joint High level asylum policy roundtable   This important event was held at Parliament House, Canberra on 11 July. It was aimed at forgingmore