CPD in the news

Renew Economy | 1 August 2014

Queenslanders want renewables to become the ‘norm’ Renew Economy recommends Centre for Policy Development Queenslanders are in support of renewable energy after consultations with 80,000 people found most had amore

The Guardian | 31 July 2014

Grogonomics: Business leaders should stop whingeing about Australia’s competitiveness. Greg Jericho, The Guardian‘s economics columnist, argues that instead of putting the onus on the government business should look at how itmore

ABC TV The Drum | 2 July 2014

Travers McLeod on The Drum panel CPD’s new Chief Executive Travers McLeod joined host Steve Cannane, Fairfax media’s Jacqueline Maley and Chris Berg from the Institute of Public Affairs. The panel discussionmore