Intergenerational Wellbeing


CPD’s Intergenerational Wellbeing program works on policy challenges central to fostering social mobility and tackling disadvantage over the long term, both in Australia and further abroad across the Asia-Pacific. How should wellbeing be measured? How do we understand concepts like fairness, growth and justice across generations? Can intergenerational equity be achieved in the Australian political context? What is the relationship between security, trade and migration in fostering wellbeing and regional order? These questions are fundamental to the program.

One cross-cutting theme vital to the work of the program is Australia in the World. Our work recognises Australia’s place in the Asia-Pacific region, both culturally and economically. Our region is not something ‘out there’ but rather it is intrinsic to Australia’s interests. This is why CPD’s Asia Dialogue on Forced Migration was the first major project undertaken in the program.