Rethinking education continued

Don Aitkin continues his discussion of educational systems. He believes they ‘will reproduce the existing social order very easily unless something is done to alter things. Reiterating that equality is the rule, and that it works, has to be themore

Rethinking education

Don Aitkin argues that our schools and the way we construct them, with winners and losers defined largely in terms of the child's upbringing, are contributing to the problem. We can make them part of the solution. But to domore

Re-engaging communities

John Menadue states,’there is ample evidence that we want to participate if we feel that our views are valued and will be reasonably acted upon. Polls show that whilst we are disillusioned with politicians we still want to be partmore

Cartoon journalism

‘The old fashioned notion of setting out to discover what is really going on in the lives of such families and their communities has ceased to be the primary purpose of journalism. The circularity of the management of ideas andmore