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CPD internsCPD is looking for bold, bright and active thinkers to join our team as interns

CPD seeks to combat the short-termism of the political cycle by producing creative and far-sighted ideas for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable Australia. We develop and promote policy proposals based on original, credible research and collaboration on some of the most complex policy challenges Australia faces. If you are interested in working on some of Australia’s long-term challenges, debating the issues, crafting innovative responses to these issues, helping to communicate the findings and participating in the overall work of the organisation, then we encourage you to apply for an internship at CPD.

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We can’t promise that you’ll never have to file or run to the post office, but if you want to roll up your sleeves and get some real-world experience in your chosen field CPD is the place for you. Our research interns help develop policies, perform extensive and substantive research and assist with framing, messaging and promotion of our findings. Our communications interns create and manage press releases, organise events and develop videos and podcasts for publication in media outlets. Our finance and administration interns undertake cost analyses, conceive and implement new systems and procedures, produce annual reports and emerge with a deeper understanding of corporate governance and compliance.

CPD has an extensive network of supporters, fellows, media contacts and corporate consultants. An important part of an internship at CPD is the opportunity to meet and connect with people in your field that can help you take the next step in your career. We have two intakes per year in Sydney and Melbourne to coincide with the academic semesters. Internships typically demand an investment of 100-150 hours; pay a small daily stipend to cover expenses; and are eligible for course credit at most universities.

2014 Internship periods

Semester 1 (March – June): Sydney (Haymarket). Applications CLOSED in February

Semester 2 (July – November): Sydney (Haymarket) and Carlton (Melbourne).  

Applications for Semester Two open 20 May and close 20 June

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