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Australian Options | No. 77, winter 2014

Australian Options Magazine: articles exploring social and environmental ethics in contemporary politics by CPD fellows   Ben Spies-Butcher: ‘Debt and discipline from cradle to grave’ It is hard (sic) to underestimate the scale of the transformation being attempted by this budget.more

PromiseWatch 2013: Climate change

3. Climate change and carbon pricing… Published in partnership with Crikey, the PromiseWatch 2013 series captures snapshots of the major parties’ platforms in major policy areas Nearly six years ago, in the heady days of August 2007, former prime minister Kevin Ruddmore

Club of Rome | Change the Course

The Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” study was launched 40 years ago in March, and the Club has launched a major social media initiative built around the analogy of the Titanic disaster of the early 20th Century. Never beforemore