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The Canberra Times | 28 May

Front page of The Canberra Times! Public cuts can ‘create waste’ Doing less with less receives strong coverage CPD’s new report by research director Christopher Stone, Doing less with less, second instalment to False economies, has been covered by Ross Peake, senior reporter ofmore

Dr Gunter Pauli | ABC Radio National Big Ideas

Gunter Pauli’s goal is to create jobs, achieve multiple benefits and add value to underperforming assets. All with zero emissions and zero waste. Think he’s a dreamer? Think again. ABC’s Radio National program Big Ideas rebroadcasts inspirational entrepreneur Dr Gunter Pauli’s talkmore

Sustainable Economy Fellowship

Sustainable Economy Fellowship Making sustainable economic ideas matter As part of our Sustainable Economy Program, CPD are seeking applications from outstanding researchers for a new CPD Sustainable Economy Fellowship, generously sponsored by Slater & Gordon.

Inclusion in Mark Diesendorf’s new book

Regina Betz and Iain MacGill’s case against carbon compensation is featured in Mark Diesendorf’s new book Climate Action. They make the case that good governance in a national Emissions Trading Scheme requires 100% auctioning.