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The Conversation | 5 September 2013

Getting past Gonski: school equity beyond the election Inequity in our education system is worsening, with advantaged students attending advantaged schools, and leaving the disadvantaged worse off. In this excerpt from their Pushing our luck chapter ‘Getting past Gonski: every child deserves amore

Weekend Today | 16 June 2013

An education revolution could improve students schooling CPD fellow Chris Bonnor talks education and personalised learning The Australian education system currently has a general curriculum that attempts to suit most students. However many students do not respond well to thismore

New Matilda | 28 May 2013

A skilled Australia needs higher education and vocational training… The majority of working Australians rely on more than a school education, so why is this not a focus? CPD research director Christopher Stone addresses the fact that political leaders placemore

ABC’s The Drum | 22 April 2013

Miriam Lyons, panellist. Julia Baird hosted a panel of CPD’s Miriam Lyons, Tim Wilson of the Institute of Public Affairs and Mike Seccombe from The Global Mail. The panel discussed budgetary policy, consideration the deficit, private health insurance subsidies.  Child refugeesmore

PromiseWatch 2013: Education

1. What the parties have pledged on education…   Published in partnership with Crikey, the PromiseWatch 2013 series captures snapshots of the major parties’ platforms in major policy areas   By CPD Researcher Julia Hosking and Crikey Senior Journalist Andrew Crookmore

Why our teachers are not top of the class

CPD fellow does the arithmetic on why schools are falling behind Australia flags in OECD International Student Assessment rankings Teachers in Shanghai and Korea spend significantly less class time with their students than their counterparts in Australia and yet themore