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The Conversation | 5 September 2013

Getting past Gonski: school equity beyond the election Inequity in our education system is worsening, with advantaged students attending advantaged schools, and leaving the disadvantaged worse off. In this excerpt from their Pushing our luck chapter ‘Getting past Gonski: every child deserves amore

The Thought Bubble podcast, 1 March

CPD fellow interviews CPD fellow on Gonski CPD fellow Chris Bonnor discusses obstacles to the recommendations from the Gonski review of school funding, “ever seeing the light of day”. The Thought Bubble is the new podcast from CPD Fellow andmore

Online Opinion, 5 September 2012

CPD fellow gets beyond Gillard’s Gonski rhetoric and asks: what’s in it for schools? In his short opinion piece, CPD fellow Chris Bonnor unmasks the political self-preservation behind Gillard’s populist take on the Gonski review: the report revealed startling inequitiesmore