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The Canberra Times | 14 September 2013

Political disaffection Single-issue party success stems from electoral processes AND voters’ opinions In an article from The Canberra Times Crispin Hull discusses research by Ian McAuley that found a correlation between low education and a higher vote for the minor parties.more

The Drum | 18 July 2013

Kevin Rudd announces plans to tighten borders… Harsher rules on ‘economic migrants’, review of refugee convention and regional cooperation. Miriam Lyons, executive director of CPD, joins the panel on the Drum with Katharine Murphy, deputy political editor Guardian Australia, Rowanmore

Radio National Outsiders | 14 July 2013

Political campaigns, climate change and Labor reforms. Jonathan Green hosted a panel comprising CPD’s executive director Miriam Lyons, marketing strategist Toby Ralph and researcher, writer and policy consultant Bronwyn Hinz. The coalition has launched ads attacking Kevin Rudd’s previous time as PM as partmore

ABC TV Q&A | 8 July 2013

Reforms, Solutions & Compromise.  CPD executive director Miriam Lyons weighs in on ABC’s latest Q&A. Tony Jones hosts Shadow Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the new Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, writer and comedian Corinne Grant, editorial cartoonist for The Australian newspaper Bill Leak and ourmore

ABC’s The Drum | 22 April 2013

Miriam Lyons, panellist. Julia Baird hosted a panel of CPD’s Miriam Lyons, Tim Wilson of the Institute of Public Affairs and Mike Seccombe from The Global Mail. The panel discussed budgetary policy, consideration the deficit, private health insurance subsidies.  Child refugeesmore