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The Canberra Times | 22 July 2014

Time to change our perception of asylum seekers Opinion editorial by Travers McLeod, Bob Douglas & Jane McAdam, following the joint High level asylum policy roundtable   This important event was held at Parliament House, Canberra on 11 July. It was aimed at forgingmore

The Drum | 22 January 2014

Allegations of asylum seeker abuse; children in detention centres; conflict in Syria. CPD’s outgoing Executive Director Miriam Lyons joins former NSW Liberal leader, now with Barton Deakin, Peter Collins, the economics editor for The Age, Peter Martin and host Julia Bairdmore

The Drum | 18 July 2013

Kevin Rudd announces plans to tighten borders… Harsher rules on ‘economic migrants’, review of refugee convention and regional cooperation. Miriam Lyons, executive director of CPD, joins the panel on the Drum with Katharine Murphy, deputy political editor Guardian Australia, Rowanmore

Inside Story | 27 June 2013

No country is an island…  Australia could help improve safety, shelter and healthcare through developing regional arrangements According to CPD Fellow Arja Keski-Nummi, Australia is hardly doing its part when it comes to refugees, with several million in the Asia-Pacificmore

Playing the Populist Card Again

John Menadue deplores the exploitation of our fear of the foreigner for political purposes and describes how, despite some progress in Australia’s treatment of refugees in recent years, the case for the humanitarian treatment of asylum seekers, the most vulnerablemore