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The Land | 5 January 2014

Agricultural policies back on the table. Farming smarter acknowledges Australia’s agricultural needs. Labor is revising their agricultural policies in the hopes of capitalising on economic opportunities into the ‘Asian century’. Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon aims to show that Labor ismore

Dr Gunter Pauli | ABC Radio National Big Ideas

Gunter Pauli’s goal is to create jobs, achieve multiple benefits and add value to underperforming assets. All with zero emissions and zero waste. Think he’s a dreamer? Think again. ABC’s Radio National program Big Ideas rebroadcasts inspirational entrepreneur Dr Gunter Pauli’s talkmore

Club of Rome | Change the Course

The Club of Rome “Limits to Growth” study was launched 40 years ago in March, and the Club has launched a major social media initiative built around the analogy of the Titanic disaster of the early 20th Century. Never beforemore