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Crikey | 26 August 2013

Why Australians should pay more tax. According to Miriam Lyons, Adam Stebbing, Adrian March and Shaun Wilson, Australians say they want improved services and greater equality of opportunity, all of which come at a cost that we should be preparedmore

2ser The Daily | 19 July 2013

Could higher taxes be the answer to a tight budget? … Joel Rosenzveig hosts Ben Spies-Butcher, CPD fellow and lecturer in Sociology at Macquarie University, on 2ser’s The Daily to discuss taxation. Ben suggests that debate has led to the beliefmore

PromiseWatch 2013: Taxation

6. Henry (remember him?) and tax… Published in partnership with Crikey, the PromiseWatch 2013 series captures snapshots of the major parties’ platforms in major policy areas. There is perhaps no bigger core ideological issue for Australia’s political parties than taxation. If themore

Death and taxes

Much ink has been spilled in a longstanding debate about the willingness of citizens to forego tax cuts for investment in services. What’s missing, argues Mark Bahnisch, is genuine political leadership to achieve the necessary mix of taxation and publicmore